Robert Mantella – His active life as the President of Mantella Corporation in Brief

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Robert Mantella

  • Robert Mantella is the President as well as CEO of Mantella Corporation. Robert Mantella took over as President of this family business from his father Paul Mantella.
  • Mantella Corporation was established by his very own grandfather, Anthony Mantella way back in 1946. Robert always looked up to his father as a mentor but knew when it was time to move into the lead role….. and finally accepted the responsibility of the top job.
  • Mantella Corporation is a well-established company even now, 70 years since inception.
  • Robert Mantella has had a long career of about 25 years now leading the Mantella Corporation. It was not always smooth rolling though. Mantella Corporation too has been through tough times… family businesses have forces to deal with internally and externally.
  • This was a time when many corporations were faced to close and others were finding it difficult to survive; at a time like this Robert Mantella was able to not only keep Mantella Corporation afloat but he also managed to secure the future of the firm for some time to come.
  • The actions taken by Robert Mantella brought forward his great foresight and the knack of taking the correct business decisions.

In recent times Mantella Corporation Toronto has been involved in several high profile events and charities too. A few of
them are mentioned here:

  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Scurbs in the city
  • Amore without borders

Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards (CAFA):

  • The first Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards event was held earlier this year. The main focus of this event was on honouring the emerging talented Canadian Designers.
  • They in fact where hopping to bring forward all the hidden and emerging talented Canadian Fashion designers to provide them a good platform to launch themselves. This meant national as well international exposure too.
  • He felt that the Canadian Fashion Designers never got enough exposure to the international markets and the Canadian Market was smaller than that of either USA or Europe.
  • This was one event where the fashion designers in Canada had an opportunity to gain exposure to the international market and prove their worth. Thus Robert Mantella jumped at the opportunity of being a part of this event and event committed to support similar events in the future.

Canadian Fundraiser to Support Doctors without Borders:

  • There was another first in Canada, this time it as the first Amore Without Borders event, that was held at the Downtown Porsche dealership.
  • This happened to be the first fund raising event to support Medicines Sans Fronteieres / Doctors without Borders (MSF) and again Robert Mantella did his part in being the lead sponsor of the event.
  • He believed that the event was long overdue since this charity had begun its operation in Canada way back in 1989.
  • This was an event that saw more than 250 VIPs getting together and sipping champagne and enjoying the generosity of the hosts.

The politics of Fashion / Fashion of Politics:

  • The politics of Fashion / Fashion of Politics (POF/ FOP) is an event that deals with the Intellectual side of fashion and the
    thoughts on identity and politics.
  • It is a fashion exhibition, but it is more than just about clothes. This exhibition focuses on the controversial as well as the propaganda and protests.
  • It brings together the style, statement and classic and controversial. The exhibits are both educational and at same time show how there is more to clothes than just style and a means to cover ourselves.
  • It shows how our clothes carry a deeper message. Mantella Corporation will be participating in this event. In fact Mantella Corporation has always been a supporter of Arts.

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