Mantella Corporation through three generations – Anthony to Paul to Robert Mantella

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Robert Mantella

“Mantella Corporation the leading sponsor”. This is something that has been in the news many times recently. The reason being that Robert and Sylvia Mantella have been involved in various high profile events and charities. Here is a short list of them:

  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Scrubs in the city
  • Amore without borders

(CAFA) Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards:

  • Early this year there was an event held to honour the emerging talent Canadian Designers. Their chief aim to bring forward all the hidden and emerging talent in Canada, in the Fashion Designing Field and to provide them a good platform to launch themselves.
  • This event, the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards was all about providing national and international exposure to the emerging designers in Canada.
  • Robert Mantella was aware of the issues surrounding the Fashion designers in Canada. It was that the Fashion Designers in Canada had a very small market compared to that of USA and Europe.
  • At the same time it was difficult for individual designers to access the international market. This event was a golden opportunity for all the young Canadian talent and hence Robert jumped at the opportunity to do his bit and thus was the exclusive gold sponsor of the event.
  • At the same time he also showed that he was committed to supporting such events in the future as well.

Canadian Fundraiser to Support Doctors without Borders:

  • The year 2014 did not end with just one exclusive event for both Robert Mantella and Mantella Corporation.
  • There was another event recently held which was the Amore Without Borders event. This event was held in the DownTown Porsche dealership.
  • This was a first of its kind event in Canada and it was a fund raiser to support the Medicins Sans Fronteieres / Doctors without Borders (MSF).
  • Mantella Corporation was the sponsor again and again it was the lead sponsor. In fact Robert Mantella believed that an event of this kind was long overdue.
  • There hadn’t been a single fund raiser for this charity since it began it’s operations in Canada way back in 1989.
  • More than 250 VIPs attended the event where they enjoyed the generosity.

The politics of Fashion / Fashion of Politics:

  • Fashion exhibitions are quite common. However there are not many who touch the Intellectual side of fashion and the thoughts on Identity and Politics. The Politics of Fashion / Fashion of Politics (POF/FOP) does just that.
  • The (POF/FOP) is an exhibition that focuses on the controversial side as well as the propaganda and protests. What this event brings together the style, statement and classic and controversial.
  • Their exhibits are educational and also showed how there is more to clothes than just style and means to cover ourselves. Furthermore it is a good means to show how our clothes carry a deeper message.
  • Mantella Corporation has always been a supporter of Arts and hence will be participating in this event.

Who is Robert Mantella?

  • Robert Mantella is the President as the CEO of Mantella Corporation. Paul Mantella, the father of Robert Mantella was in this top job prior to that and as the Industrial Development Arena evolved, so to did the thinking behind Mantella.
  • Robert looks up to his father and respects most that he knew when it was time to let new ideas and strategies led by others to replace the ways of old, almost like a mentor. Mantella Corporation is a family business and has always been since it was established by Robert Mantella’s grandfather Anthony Mantella in 1946.
  • Mantella Corporation is still going strong approximately 70 years since it was established.
  • In his 25 years long career Robert Mantella has faced some rough times as has Mantella Corporations itself.
  • “Nepotism, the destruction of most family corporations…..I have always believed the best person for the job should be in that position….last name different irrelevant…”
  • There was a time when many companies in Canada where finding it tough to survive and some didn’t. This was a time when Robert Mantella made some wise decisions many based on his strong beliefs in the necessity to evolve to survive….
  • This helped Mantella Corporations through these tough times and made sure they were able to compete and find their niche despot the walls of institutional money being thrown at an industry once controlled by smaller family operations. This was a great display of the foresight of Robert Mantella and in doing so Robert also secured the future of Robert Mantella corporations for some time to come.

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